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July 17, 2019


2016/17 AG Meet Results...

Zone 5 Meet @ Whistler, BC - Feb. 26, 2017:

Whistler athletes participated in the Zone 5 qualifiers over the weekend. The results can be downloaded below: 

WAG - JO 6

WAG - JO 5

Christy Fraser Memorial Invitational @ Langley, BC - Feb. 2017:

JO 7

Ayva Spierings (2002) – Vault: 5th, Bars: 7th, Beam: 3rd, Floor: 8th, AA: 5th

Katie Faerge (2002) – Vault: 2nd, Bars: 1st, Beam: 7th, Floor: 6th, AA: 3rd

Mali Forest (2004) – Vault: 5th, Bars: 3rd, Beam: 3rd, Floor: 8th, AA: 4th

JO 6

Anna Prohaska (2003) – Vault: 4th, Bars: 5th, Beam: 1st, Floor: 1st, AA: 3rd

Tessa Juniper (2003) – Vault: 7th, Bars: 1st, Beam: 6th, Floor: 4th AA: 4th

Andrea Vazquez-Vela (2005) – Vault: 1st, Bars: 2nd, Beam: 8th, Floor: 1st, AA: 1st

Téa Cousineau (2005) – Vault: 7th, Bars: 3rd, Beam: 9th, Floor: 4th, AA: 3rd

Sophie Firth (2005) – Vault: 4th, Bars: 9th, Beam: 5th, Floor: 3rd, AA: 8th

Gabbi Collins: (2005) – Vault: 5th, Bars: 9th, Beam: 9th, Floor: 3rd, AA: 8th

Charlie Craig: (2006) – Vault: 4th, Bars: 6th, Beam: 4th, Floor: 7th, AA: 7th

Sofia Wright (2007) – Vault: 5th, Bars: 5th, Beam: 6th, Floor: 1st, AA: 4th

Coaches' Comments: 

Charlie Craig also earned the coveted Christy Fraser Award for showing outstanding determination in overcoming challenges during the competition.

Christy Fraser’s mother, Lory has overseen this meet for the last 24 years, since her then 12 yr old avid gymnast daughter passed away. She watches all 3 days of competition and hands out special awards to kids she sees as showing the same positive attitude and perseverance her daughter was known for.

After the awards were presented, she called the Whistler Gymnastics team to the podium for a spontaneous acknowledgement of what she called exemplary team spirit, support and positivity. She was so inspired by how well the team worked and celebrated together that she decided to create an award that had never been presented before.

A plaque will be created and sent to us shortly! Very cool.


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