Whistler Gymnastics
October 21, 2017


Artistic Comp. Program Info.

2018 Meet List...


TBD -  Zone 5 Trials for Provincials for JO 6

Apr 6-8 - Provincial Championships for JO 6-8 that qualify

May 4-6 - Delta Invitational in the Richmond Oval

June 22-24 - Whistler Summer Classic

Program Details for this Year...

Competitive Attire

Competition bodysuits and tracksuits are not part of your registration fees. Purchase or trading of second hand bodysuits will be done once in October by volunteers. If you do not bring in your suit at that time to trade, it’s up to the family to find a used suit, and sell their old. Dates of taking measurements for new suits will be announced.

All athletes representing Whistler Gymnastics MUST wear appropriate team clothing (for all competitions, demos, parades, etc.)

Volunteer Time

Please document any volunteer time you’ve been able to give to the club in our Volly Book. You will earn $15/hr in credit to your account for any time spent helping us 
Keli will deduct your volly time off the fee payment, if you’re on the payment plan.
Contact her at info@whistlergymnastics.com for any concerns or if you’d like to find something for which to volunteer your valuable time.

Vacation Training Weeks

Holiday training included in your fees. Please let me know if your athlete is NOT able to train those days, so I can make coaching adjustments.

Christmas Vacation Training - Dec 27, 28, 29 (Wed, Thurs & Fri) 9am-1pm for everyone. Regular training resumes Jan 4.

March Spring Break Training - more information coming soon...




 Online is the fastest way to guarantee a spot!

Office Hours: 
Mon., Tues. & Thurs.; 10-1pm 

(Email us to save you the trip!)



Sept. 5-9 - Tramp & AG Comp. begins on Tues. Sept. 5

Sept. 11-17 - Interclub & GFA programs start including Adult DROP-In Trampoline classes

Oct.7-9 -Gym CLOSED for Thanksgiving weekend.

To receive updates on class changes, follow us on our Facebook page for fast notice.





Located in the Athlete's Centre:
(In Cheakamus Crossing)

1090 Legacy Way 
Whistler, BC. V0N 1B2
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