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August 20, 2017


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Our gym season is from Sept. - June, with summer camps in July & August. We offer recreational classes for Whistler/Pemberton in 3 sessions per year - Fall, Winter and Spring. Pick a schedule below...
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GFA (Gymnastics for All) recreational class descriptions

Gymnastics for All is recreational, educational and performance gymnastics for all stages of life. The goals of GFA are based on the Gymnastics Canada’s philosophy of Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals. Ultimately Gymnastics is about “how the body moves”. It is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a “foundation sport” for all physical activity and sports. By PLAYing in gymnastics - babies, toddlers, children, youth and adults learn skills that prepare them to participate in almost every other sport. 

Here are the ongoing GFA classes for Whistler (Pemberton class names vary slightly and are noted on the schedule):

FUNdamentals Artistic Gymnastics Classes (Ages 6-13):

FUNdamentals 1-3  & 4-7:  For Grade 1-3 & Grade 4-7, the FUNdamental stage offers children an opportunity to develop fundamental movement skills. The ABCs of movement, Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed are foundation blocks for developing fundamental movement skills. Learning fundamental movement skills throughout this stage is a key to the overall development of physical literacy. 

Gymnaestrada - Performance Gymnastics: For Grade 1-12,  Gymnaestrada is for anyone who loves Gymnastics, Dance, Accro, Tumbling and especially loves to entertain others with their technical gymnastics skills in a choreographed routine! This class offers a workshop event weekend, with performance at Gym BC's popular Gymnaestrada performance meet, and a costume is also included. This is a continuing class in the Spring schedule that does not accept new registration past January 15th.

Waldorf/Homeschool :For Grade 1-3, this class was made for Waldorf or Homeschool children who have 1/2 day classes on Friday. Each week is a different theme based on fundamental movement skills, filled with new skill progressions in gymnastics apparatus, trampoline and foam pit.

Jr. 'GYMkour' w/tramp (Grade 3/4/5) & Jr. 'GYMkour' (Grade 4-7) : Formerly called Jr. Parkour & Gymnastics 4 Parkour, these parkour-based classes builds foundation skills in a safe, gymnastics environment, and a prerequisite of a FUNdamentals 1-3 or 4-7 class is recommended. Parkour is defined as a creative movement with obstacles including running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, and other movements as deemed most suitable for the situation. At Whistler Gymnastics, GYMkour will be taught on all 6 apparatus; floor, vault, bars, balance beams, rings, and some trampoline, with Jr. GYMkour w/tramp offering a little more tramp time as the class build fundamentals. 

Aerial Silks Class (Ages 8-12): Class includes warm up games, Silk tricks, and some introduction to Circus Hoop and Trapeze

Performance & Performance Plus: For Grade 2-7, this class is 2 days a week and registers in the fall session for the season from Sept-Jun. It is a performance based, recreational program and includes a uniform,  3-4 Interclub meets and more training time. Please see the Interclub program for more information.

Train to Train and Active for Life (Ages 13- Adult):

Teen 'GYMkour' w/Tramp (Grade 8-12): Formerly called Teen Tramp/Parkour, 'GYMkour' is a parkour-based class with creative movement with obstacles including running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, and other movements as deemed most suitable for the situation. At Whistler Gymnastics, GYMKour will be taught on all 6 apparatus; floor, vault, bars, balance beams, rings, and some trampoline. Parkour-based movement can be applied in day to day life so that one may understand how to overcome one's own personal obstacles. 

Teen MiX Bag w/tramp & silks (Grade 8-12): Formerly called Teen Tramp & Tumble , this Girls only program will offer opportunities for teens to workout in the gym with tumbling, trampoline, and gymnastics skills. We will also be working in a series of workshops with an aerial silks instructor and yoga acrobatic instructors to add a new element of fun and movement discovery. Specific dates for workshops will be given in the 1st few weeks of classes. 

Adult Gymnastics Class (Ages 18+): This sessional course is intended for adult gymnasts to get back in the gym, or for beginners who would love to live out the fantasy of becoming a gymnast! It doesn't matter your age or ability. Classes are structured to work on foundational principles so you can step up your level or dial it down, with a group warm-up and then event breakout. This class uses the whole gym and the tramps, so come prepared to get a good workout! 

Adult Aerial Silks Class: (Ages 18+): Class includes a group warm up, Silk tricks, and some basic introduction to Circus Hoop and Trapeze. This class is organized by our Aerial Silks Instructor, Dani Duncan, who you can email if you are interested in signing up or would like more information. 

Trampoline Gymnastics (Ages 7-18):

Tramp. & Tumble (Grade 2/3/4): A new class designed for those who have already taken a WGC foundations 1-3 class. T & T will be divided equally, with half time spent on trampoline and possibly mini-tramp/tumble track training, with a quick break at the mid-point, and the remainder of time working on basic gymnastics tumbling skills including foundational cartwheels, handstands, rolling, etc.

Trampoline 2-4  & 5-7 For Grade 2-4 and 5-7, these recreational, foundations trampoline classes teach the fundamentals of tramp safely while having fun. Fundamental skills in traditional, freestyle and tumbling trampoline.

Trampoline Waldorf/Homeschool: (Grade 2-5): Trampoline class made for Waldorf or Homeschool children who have 1/2 day classes on Friday. Fundamental skills in traditional, freestyle and tumbling trampoline.

Airkidz... Freestylerz (Grade 3-5): This class has a prerequisite recommendation for a Basic Trampoline class before registration. Airkidz helps to develop basic trampoline skills into freestyle acrobatic skills to be applied for freestyle movement on the mountain and in gym, and improve general aerial sense and safety in young athletes. 

Novice Trampoline & Plus (Grade 2-4 & 4-7): Formerly called Challengers & Challengers Plus, this class is designed for kids who love to bounce and want to develop their skills for two days a week to building strength and coordination with their trampoline skills! This helps participants to progress quickly through the fundamental skills, which are built with traditional, freestyle and tumbling trampoline lessons.

Jr. & Sr. Tramp Freestyle (Juniors - Grade 4-7/Seniors - Grade 8-12): This class has a prerequisite recommendation for Airkidz before registration. Since this class continues to develop technical freestyle skills, it is designed for 2 days a week to upkeep skill and strength progressions. It will include advanced Freestyle Trampoline, stretching and strength training. The goal is to improve acrobatic skills, aerial sense and safety in young athletes who wish to take their trampoline skills to the mountain.

Active Start (Ages 1-6):

Parent & Tot (Ages 18 months-2.9 years): This is a sessional class that goes beyond the Exploration Gym Drop-in program to allow you to bring your young child to learn foundational gymnastics movement with a dedicated coach. Parent participation is expected and the coach will help you learn how to spot and teach you ways to help your child develop confidence on the equipment. Warm-up circle time with songs, then everyone goes to the events together including trampolines, with a short free time play at the end! 

Spinners (KK3) & Twisters (KK4) (Ages 3-4.9 years): The Kinderkids program is a foundational gymnastics movement program for ages 3-4, and is un-parented. Coaches recommend some previous experience in preschool or un-parented programs or some time in the Exploration Gym Drop-in program to get use to the gym. The class starts with circle time and warm-up games, and then moves to event exploration together. Small and large apparatus are used including bars, beams, floor, vault, pit and trampoline. Movement explores gymnastic skills, performance and themed classes with music. 

Highflyers (KK5) (Ages 4.5-5 years must be in Kindergarten): Specially designed and scheduled for the 4.5-5 year oid who has just started Kindergarten, this class is set-up like our popular Active Start and GFA FUNdamental classes. Warm-up games on floor to start with event skills in all 5 disciplines - vault, bars, beams, trampoline and floor. Theme classes and foundational skills are explored, which means you don't have to have experience in gymnastics to join the class! 

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