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February 20, 2018


Drop-in Options for Kids & Adults...

Registration Notes for all Drop-in Programs - 

We offer members and visitors to Whistler, drop-in options to check out our amazing facility, try your gymnastics skills again from when you were young, maybe try something new, or play with your little one in our safe, fun and exploration based movement facility!  Please remember: 

- MAX Numbers in effectCome early to register for drop-in or 'Flex' programs, and be aware that maximum allowable ratios for coach/participant are in effect.

- Current PAYMENT Options: Pass card/Registration is currently sold at Front Desk of Oros before program! Visa or Mastercard, or cash/cheque at the desk. (Pls. note... we do not accept Debit at this time).

- Online Reg. coming soon: We are unable to process drop-in memberships/passes on our online reg. system at this time. We hope to have this for members in Jan. 2018.

Parent/Tot Drop-in AKA Exploration Gym...

When it's on:
Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday mornings from 10:00-10:45am... Come play with your 5 and under in our Exploration Gym program... geared for tots walking to 5 years old, with one parent/caregiver per child, this program is a supervised, non-instructional time to explore gym stations, and then have a coach-led circle time with songs at the end.

This winter session we will also offer an Extra session time on Saturdays from 9:00-9:45am

Loyalty Card Program:
Come drop-in and explore the gym with your 5 and under, and every time you visit, your little one will collect a sticker on their loyalty card. 10 stickers = 1 free visit to gym!

Parent/Tot Drop-in Rates:

One-time $35 insurance/membership for your child only must be paid for season, and lasts from the start of the season in September (or whenever you purchase it), to June 30.

 - 1 time Drop-in =  $18 non-member, or $13 member rate (+ $35 annual membership paid once).

 - 5 times Punch Pass =   $52.50 member rate (+ $35 annual membership paid once)

 - 10 times Punch Pass =   $100 member rate (+ $35 annual membership paid once)

All previous 10x passes will be honoured! Please punch your pass when you arrive at gym and sign-in on your child's name on the passtime sign-in sheet before you go into drop-in.

Please view the Parent and Tot Drop-in Registration  to know more about your first day at Parent and Tot Drop-in!


When it's on:
Back by popular demand, we are again trying a NEW 1 hour adult drop-in gymnastics! Coach supervision and minor instruction available, but this drop-in is best suited to those with previous experience in gymnastics or has taken one of our adult classes and wants to practice their new skills. 

Trampoline drop-in is best suited for those who have some experience in trampoline, although if you're rusty, minor instruction and coach supervision is available. Come often and get to the know the coaches!

Mondays  Tuesday & Thursdays - 8:45-10:00pm* for Drop-in Trampoline (PLEASE NOTE: New Day for winter session) 

Thursdays only - 7:30-8:45pm for Drop-in Gymnastics

*Program registration/introduction starts at time indicated in red for first 15 mins. and class time is for 1 hour.

Adult Drop-in Rates:

One-time $35 insurance/membership must be paid for season, and lasts from the start of the season in September (or whenever you purchase it), to Aug. 31.


 - 1x Drop-in = $22 non-member or  $15 member rate (+$35 annual membership paid once)


 - 5 times Punch Pass = $65 member rate (+ $35 annual membership paid once)


 - 10x Punch Pass - $115 member rate (+$35 annual membership paid once)


Want to try it out or do both classes?

Special offer for Whistler-only adults...  $7 drop-in rate per class for your 1st visit (non-member, but includes insurance). Then, buy a 10x card for value savings!


Also, 10x punch pass holders can punch their pass twice and save $7 for both classes!


Or drop-in 1 time member rate of $22 for both classes (plus $35 membership fee paid once.)


'Flex-reg.' Freestyle Trampoline Class for Kids aged 8-16... 

When it's On:
Come 'Drop-in' to try out a trampoline class! Want to learn how to do a new trick on your skiis this spring? Why not, work up to it through skill progressions on the trampoline first? The class will be a structured trampoline lesson with a certified coach, but it offers 'flexible' registration, so you can email trampoline@whistlergymnastics.com and sign up for class at least 24 hours before. Please remember spaces are limited. 

Wednesdays- 7:00-8:45pm* (Senior Freestyle - Grade 8+)

Wednesday - 5:00-6:45pm (Junior Freestyle Grade 3-7) Cancelled till March, as class is now full with participants!

*Program registration/introduction starts at 7:00pm for first 15 mins. and class time is 1 1/2 hours from 7:15-8:45.

Flex-reg./Drop-in Freestyle Rates:

One-time $35 insurance/membership must be paid for season and lasts Sept-June 30.

- 1x Drop-in 1.5 hour class = $25 non-member or $22 member rate (+$35 annual membership paid once)

- 10x Punch Pass - Sorry not currently available for this program.

Want to try it out?
Special offer for Whistler youth... $7 drop-in rate per class for your 1st visit (non-member, but includes insurance). 









 Online is the fastest way to guarantee a spot!

Office Hours: 
Mon., Tues. & Thurs.; 10-1pm 

(Email us to save you the trip!)



Feb. 15 - Spring and Summer schedule released

Feb. 25 - Disco Night Fundraiser at Stonesedge! POSTPONED TO APRIL!

Feb. 26 - Last day for the Club Survey & Spa Pass draw.

Mar. 1 - Spring online registration begins

Mar. 17 - Winter session ends

Mar. 19-23 - Spring Break camp

Apr.2 - Spring Classes Begin

To receive updates on class changes, follow us on our Facebook page for fast notice.





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