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June 24, 2019


GFA Program Handbook...

What is Gymnastics for All?: 

Gymnastics For All (GFA) includes all non-competitive programs offered by Whistler Gymnastics.  

GFA is available for all age ranges, abilities and program goals. These programs are geared towards having fun, developing fitness, and acquiring fundamental skills and staying ACTIVE for life!

Gymnastics for All is recreational, educational and performance gymnastics for all stages of life.

Benefits of GFA: 

Coordination               Strength                         Flexibility                    Agility

 Body awareness          Self Confidence                  Self Esteem                Team Work

Goals of GFA:

Fun: participants are active, successful and enjoying the activity of gymnastics 

Fitness: Physical, Motor, Emotional, Psychological, Social Attributes 

Fundamentals: Landings, Stationary Positions, Locomotion, Spring, Rotation, Swing and Object Manipulation.

Safety First - Gym Expectations:

  • The Gym is a NUT- FREE Zone
  • Be prepared to participate 
  • Keep your body under control 
  • Understand the risk of the activity 
  • Follow equipment and facility safety procedures
  •  Master basic skills before attempting more advanced 
  • Get coaches’ permission to go on equipment or to try new skills 
  • Coaching supervision is always required in the gym 
  • Parents and spectators must stay in their designated area 
  • Participate cooperatively within the limits set by the coach 
  • Be alert and safety conscious 

Daily Lesson Plan & Equipment:

Each class has a theme  with warm up with music and small apparatus: balls, bean bags, parachute, stretch and intro to lesson, and then a fun group game!

Instruction on all Olympic apparatus:  Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam & Floor Exercise.

Trampoline equipment includes Olympic sized trampolines, Double Mini trampoline, tumble track and foam pit.   

GFA/Recreational Gymnastics Programs we offer: 

Active Start (ages walking to 5 years). For more specific details see Active Start Parent Guide

            Parent & Tot Exploration Gym age walking to 5 years ( Whistler)

            Parent and Tot Parented ( Pemberton)

            Tumble Tots ( Unparented Pemberton)

            Kinder Kids age 3,4

            Highflyers age 5 & 6 (Kindergarten age)

FUNdamentals- Gymnastics For All ( Emphasizing Physical Literacy for youth)

             FUN 1-3 Grades 1-3 mixed boys & girls

             FUN 4-7 Grades  4-7 mixed boys & girls


Parkour & Trampoline

Gymnastics and parkour skills Grades 3-7 mixed boys & girls


Trampoline classes, Grade 2 and up

Tramp and Tumble

Trampoline and Gymnastics skills Gr 2 and up

Youth and Adult Fundamentals

            Teen Gymnastics and Trampoline Grades 7 +

            Adult  Gymnastics and Trampoline 18 +

            Adult Passtime Gymnastics and Trampoline 


  • Provicial ages 7+
  • National ages 10+                   

This is a performance based class exposing individuals to all aspects of gymnastics, Artistic, Rhythmic, trampoline, acrobatics, circus, and dance. This is a performance group that generally attends the BC Gymnaestrada meet every Spring Session.


INTERCLUB Programming:

Gives a chance for athletes to perform routines in front of evaluators in a non-competitive environment which they then get rewarded for doing. 

The Gymnastics BC Interclub Program expands the opportunities for athletes at the recreational level. Introduced in 2002, the program provides gymnasts aged 6 and up with the chance to learn routines and have the chance to perform. Interclub promotes a creative environment that does not follow traditional competitive gymnastics. In addition it provides a performance opportunity in a meet-type setting for recreational athletes of all abilities.

The 3 Interclub categories are Performance, Performance Plus and Performance Challenge:

Performance (ages 6-8 yrs) athletes perform routines which are given positive feedback.

Performance Plus (ages 9+) and Challenge (9+ based on skill level) athletes perform routines and receive scores that coincide with gold, silver or bronze ribbons on each event, with Challenge athletes having a higher expected skill level.

It's 2x a week and scheduled to attend INTERCLUB Events in Spring Session.

Please see class descriptions and schedules for more information.


FUNdamental programs are based on progressions designed by Gymnastics Canada CANGYM program. 

The CANGYM program is broken into 12 levels, 1-4  (burgundy, red, tan, bronze), 5-8  (purple, blue, turquoise, silver) and  9-12 (orange, yellow, green, gold). 

Progress reports are given at the end of the Fall session and may include Cangym levels or a full summary of skills worked on.

Interclub athletes work towards attending Interclub Events within BC. Athletes will receive a progress report with written comments.

Whistler Gymnastics Code of Conduct:

Every member of Whistler Gymnastics is expected to treat others with dignity and respect. This includes our participants, parents, coaches, staff and volunteers. Any behaviour that’s insulting, intimidating, humiliating, malicious, degrading and offensive is not acceptable and will result in disciplinary action by the Board of Directors. A trained Harassment Officer will be appointed annually by the BOD to deal with an complaints of Harassment.

Athlete Discipline Procedure: 

  • The coach will talk to the athlete if they are breaking a rule and provide guidance
  • If the athlete needs to be spoken to again, they will be asked to sit out. 
  • If an athlete is misbehaving again, the coach will talk to the parent after class or call them within 24 hours 
  • If it happens again the athlete will be asked to go home. 
  • If it’s a very serious situation the head coach, board of directors and parent will come up with an agreement. 
  • Any athlete who cannot follow the code of conduct will be asked to withdraw from the program with no refund.

Complaint Protocol: 

The volunteer Board of Directors, management and staff of Oros Whistler Gymnastics Centre attempt to run the club to the best of their ability. However, we are unable to foresee every problem that may occur. PLEASE, do not let your problem go un-addressed or assume it cannot be resolved. We want to tackle any and all problems before they grow into major issues. Please follow the complaint protocol listed.

  • If a parent or guardian has a concern with their child they must follow the outlined steps: 
  • Discuss the issue first with the competitive coach involved and Head coach
  • If the coach and Head Coach cannot resolve the problem, it will then be brought to the General Manager.
  • If the problem is still un-resolved, it’ll then be presented to the Board of Directors, with the Board’s decision being final.

Volunteer Responsibilities and Payment Plan in lieu of time: 

There are many things that we need volunteers' help with to run our club well. Due to difficulty in finding helpers and to share the load amongst all families, the club has added a 5% volunteer levy on all fees. Parents will have the opportunity to earn this back should they so wish by contributing volunteer time to the club, credited at $15 per hour. This will be tracked and applied to your account at the end of each session. 

If you have a professional or trades skill, rates can be negotiated on an individual basis for you to work off your hours. Please see how you can help for more information.





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