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August 20, 2017


Interclub Program Specifics

Welcome to our Interclub program...

There are more details in the GFA Program Handbook, but here's what "Interclub", "Performance" and "Performance Plus" mean.
Interclub is a program designed for gymnasts to have a chance to perform routines rather than merely train skills. Currently there are 2 categories within this program:
Performance athletes must 6 years old. Their routines are evaluated and they receive a certificate with a positive, encouraging comment given on each apparatus regarding their presentation.

Performance Plus athletes must be 9 years old this calendar year. Their routines are similarly evaluated, but they also receive a bronze, silver or gold award on each event based on meeting certain standards of skills and good form.
This is different from "competition", as they are not ranked in comparison to each other.

Be careful not to call the events your athlete attends "meets" or "competitions", they are events or performances, and they have evaluators, not judges.

Links to the Interclub program... 

(New) 2017/18 Interclub Schedule & Fees

Performance (and PLUS) Reg. Policies 

Program Details for 2016/17...

Coaching: Karin Jarratt & Corley McElwain head the team with Charlie Jarratt as junior coach.

Beautiful bodysuits are part of your fees and have been designed and ordered, expected delivery early 2017.
Team Jackets are optional, but make the girls look and feel like a team during warm up. You may want to order hoodie from Gear Shop on our website with athlete name on back. Link below.

3 events a year:
April 22 Bowen Island
May 5 Delta Invitational at Richmond Oval
June 23-25 Whistler Summer Classic

The Delta Invitational is at the Richmond Olympic Oval, a spectacular venue.
Host Hotel: Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel. Room Rates: $165.00 per night, til Mar 3.
All event details will be emailed out to you as soon as possible; typically only a few weeks before the actual event.

Volly Levy: you can earn back the 5% you were charged. 2 day athletes = 6 hours of work
The Volly book is kept in the office. You are responsible for filling out your personal page.
Options for helping out are in Handbook (cleaning, filing, building/fixing equipment...)

It is very important to the coaches that clear communication happen with our Interclub families. As you and your athlete have committed 2 days a week for 10 months, there may be times when training gets tiresome or difficult. Please let the coaches know when there are tough days for your child; injuries or whatever issues may affect her mindset when training. We consider our efforts to be our end of a partnership between athlete, parent and coach and want to support the best possible experience for the athlete. We really appreciate knowing from parents directly when there's a problem rather than hearing from another source after an issue has developed. We will also keep you informed of any potential concerns we see. It's all about the kids.

Try to connect with coaches AFTER class. Warm up is a time for them to focus on all the athletes!




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Sept. 4- Stat holiday - Gym Closed

Sept. 5 - Exploration Gym / Parent & Tot Drop-in begins for Fall 

Sept. 5-9 - Comp. programs begin

Sept. 10-17 - Interclub & GFA programs start

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