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July 17, 2019


Meet the Staff @ WGC...

2018/19 Management Staff:

Club Director                                                                                Tami Mitchell 

Program Manager                                                                         Catou Tyler

Business Manager                                                                        Teal Ready

Pemberton Manager                                                                     Catou Tyler

Head Coach Gymnastics For All (GFA)                                      Corley McElwain
Head Coach Trampoline                                                               Matt Barlow
Head Coach Competitive/Developmental Artistic                      Karin Jarratt 

Meet our Coaches: 

Dani Duncan (Circus Instructor) - Born in Ireland, Dani has been teaching circus for the past five years. My love for circus began with flying trapeze and soon escalated into various kinds of aerial apparatus. I have spent the past five summers co-directing a circus programme encompassing flying trapeze, aerial silks, static trapeze and aerial hoop at a children’s summer camp in Pennsylvania, USA. On returning to Ireland I started ‘Aerial Revolution,’ aerial classes for adults aimed at improving strength, confidence and a fun way to get fit. I hope you are ready to try something new in Whistler and love the addiction that is circus! 

Karin Jarratt (Competitive Artistic) - Born in Germany and raised in Prince George, BC. She started her gymnastics career quite late, at 13, after seeing Nadia Comaneci at the Olympics and was the oldest competitive gymnast in BC for several years. Some of her best years included training while learning to coach and ultimately competing against some of her own athletes! At the age of 23, she was asked to join the National Team’s summer training camp but chose to retire from competition and focus on cultivating aspiring gymnasts. She is a Level 3 Gymnastics coach and has her Technical Level 3 for Trampoline. Karin just celebrated her 37th year of coaching, 27 years of which have been with WG and has received a BC Provincial Coach of the Year Award for her efforts. She lives in Whistler with her 18-year-old daughter who was on WG's competitive team for 7 years and is now also pursuing the art of coaching.

Tanya Liquorish (Competitive Trampoline) - I am returning for my 4th year with Whistler Gymnastics I have coached for 14 years in gymnastics, trampoline and circus arts in the lower mainland, Kelowna and Nova Scotia. Previously I have worked at Cirque du Soleil on various tours in the Costume department for 12 years. It was always my dream to do this. I was a National Canadian Trampoline Athlete and competed for 12 years until I broke my leg and decided to move to the next stage in my life, which took me to Paris, France. I have also studied Textile and Jewelry Arts at Capilano College and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. I left my Cirque job to settle in Squamish BC and raise my wonderful daughter as well be closer to family and broaden my future goals.

Corley McElwain (GFA & Competitive) - Born in Edmonton, Alberta and raised on a farm in the small community of Androssan.  She started off her gymnastics career at the young age of 2 and quickly grew from a young athlete into an elite gymnast for much of her young adult life. She has somersaulted, front-tucked and cartwheeled her way around the world and back, and is proud to have firmly stuck her landing here in beautiful Whistler. Corley made her debut at the National Canadian Championships in 1998. At age 10, she earned a powerful second place finish on vault and 12th overall in the national novice category. Her gymnastics career took off and she earned many winning titles at the national and international competition level as a high-performance athlete. She started her coaching career while she was still a gymnast and developed different gymnastics programs in her local hometown for children with special needs. Corley has a passion for helping children utilize sports and recreation to better understand their body movements and behaviours inside and outside of the gym. Her love for the outdoors and sports took her to Squamish where she started her university career in outdoor education. She spent the next few years learning how to teach, guide and develop programs in the tourism and outdoor industries. Gymnastics was still a huge part of Corley’s life while she entered the professional part of her career at Whistler Gymnastics.  She receives great pleasure from coaching children and enjoys helping them discover their future potential as an athlete and individual. Corley lives in Whistler with her two dogs and loves to dirt bike, snowmobile, and snowboard on her days off.

Matt Barlow ( Trampoline Head Coach) - Born in England, I moved to Canada in 2010 and Whistler in 2013. I have been coaching snowboarding for the past 10 years and have been coaching gymnastics & trampoline for the past few years. I grew up around the gymnastics scene with my sister being a fairly successful gymnast. Since moving to Whistler I took a great interest in the trampoline aspect and enjoy the freestyle aspects within the gym. I have always appreciated the strength, power and flexibility gymnasts show. With my Level 2 coaching certifications in gymnastics and trampoline, I hope to continue growing the sport and the fundamentals that these athletes enjoy learning.

Tami Mitchell (Gymnaestrada) - Born in Richmond BC where she started gymnastics at the age of 3 and competed till Grade 9, which is when she started her coaching career. She went on to manage the Richmond Gymnastics Club until moving up to Whistler in 1999 when she started coaching for Whistler Gymnastics as well as teaching skiing, aerobics and dance. Tami was a competitive dancer and was the 2000 National Sport Aerobics Champion.  Tami has been club administrator, program director, competitive and recreational head coach and is now the head coach of our display team, bringing athletes to the World Gymnaestrada in Austria in 2019! She has earned numerous awards over the years both for her dedication and ability to lead. Tami lives in Whistler with her husband and 10-year-old daughter.

Catou Tyler (Program Manager & Pemberton) - Born and raised in Ottawa where she started gymnastics at the age of 9 because she would not stop cartwheeling and flipping around the backyard. She trained until she was 19. She is a Level 2 certified Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics coach and is Level 2 Trampoline certified. She also has her preschool, Active Start and special needs certification. Catou was club director for WG from 2006 – 2008 and has also managed the recreational programs. She has been in Whistler for 18 years and shortly after arriving started coaching with WG. Catou is a mother of 2 and lives in Pemberton.

Kristy Johnson - (Active Start  Coordinator) - I grew up in a small town near Winnipeg, MB where I spent most of my time playing hockey, skateboarding, and doing gymnastics. I started artistic gymnastics at the age of 3, and was competing by the time I was 8. When I was 13 I was ranked 2nd All Around in the province of Manitoba and retired shortly after that. I still loved the sport and wanted to stay a part of it, so I began coaching and got my Level 1 when I was in high school. I was also competitive in track and field and set a few records for sprinting and long jump. 

In 2013, I moved west to BC to pursue snowboarding and my dream of living in the mountains. I moved around to several different places in the sea to sky over the years and even spent over a year living in a camper in a backyard before recently settling in Pemberton. 

I started with Whistler Gymnastics at the beginning of 2017, and am now a certified Level 2 AG coach, as well as certified in trampoline and freestyle. 

Charlie Jarratt (Artistic Gymnastics Coach) - Born and raised in Whistler B.C. Charlie has been in gymnastics all of her life, taking her first steps on a vault runway. She fell in love with the sport and after being a part of the competitive team for 7 years, she started coaching. After 4 years of coaching, she now has her level 2 certification and is working towards more. Charlie continues to train in a few disciplines including artistic gymnastics, aerial silks. As well, she is a part of the Whistler Gymnaestrada Team going to Worlds in Austria in the summer of 2019, where her German-speaking ability will be very useful. 

Ali Drescher (Currently on Maternity leave GOOD LUCK!) – Born and raised in New Westminster BC, while spending every summer and winter in Whistler since I was born. I started taking recreational classes for both Gymnastics and Trampoline at age 3 in New West – which turned into becoming a Competitive Trampoline and Tumbling athlete by age 8. I competed for over 10 years as a Provincial/National/International athlete with the Shasta Trampoline and Tumbling Team in all 4 events (Trampoline, Tumbling, Double Mini, & Synchro), many times representing Team BC at competitions all across the country. After being forced to retire from an unrelated injury, I began coaching/supervising for both competitive and recreational programs with Shasta and the New West Parks, Culture, and Recreation Gymnastics and Trampoline Program and have been for 11 years. I am a student working towards a Bachelors Degree in Recreation Management, and in the future wish to continue my studies into Sport Science. I have my Technical level 3 for Trampoline, and am continuing my coaching certification to the highest level. After moving to Whistler permanently in January, I began working for Whistler Gymnastics with the Comp Tramp Team, as well as GFA and am very excited to continue the development of this awesome program!



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