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June 24, 2019


Our Popular Parent/Tot Drop-in...


Unfortunately, you cannot register a space ahead of the class, but WGC encourages you to buy a 5x/10x punch pass online ahead of your visit, to make it easier at the desk. Once you arrive we will provide your pass, so you can punch your daily visit. If you are a new member, please see the desk to register first. 


 Drop-in Passtime requirements below:

  • New member registration forms and parent accompaniment/Companion waivers must be filled out every season. 
  • Insurance must be paid once annually during the season from Sept 1 to June 30. We generally do not offer Exp. gym in the summer or on school breaks such as Christmas and Spring Break. 
  • Passes are interchangeable among members. Memberships are not interchangeable. 
  • Passes and memberships are non-refundable. 
  • 1 x passes includes liability insurance for one time guests ….not accident or medical insurance 
  • Direct supervision is required so one parent/caregiver is required for the supervision of each tot. No additional children will be allowed in the gym area. (Exception For Exploration PT classes a parent may have an additional child if in a baby sling. Parent must be able to move and have hands free to assist the Exploration Tot participating in the program). 


Note for parents before your first visit:

Please review the following checklist for parents on what is expected for guidelines during parent and tot drop-in. See here for the Exp. Gym Checklist for Parents.



Supervision is the parental (caregiver) responsibility. This is non-instructed gym exploration. It is like taking your children to the playground. The coach is there to supervise the gym for safety and general gymnastic activity use. We are limited to a maximum of 20 participants so make sure you come early so as not to disappoint your child.

The coach is there to assist and provide direction so everything goes safely and smoothly. The coach is not there to instruct or to supervise individual children.  

We will use the 3 times and you are out rule for continuous or flagrant lack of parental supervision; disregard for procedures or disruption of the program. Two verbal warnings will be logged. Written notice will follow and then after that program access will denied with no pass refund.

We will immediately remove anyone intentionally endangering children or anyone being rude or disrespectful to other participants or the coaches.    


  • Dress appropriately for gym participation and safety.

Children: shorts and shirt or leotard, bare feet, long hair tied up, no jewelry, no gum, no food

(if cool weather elastic bottom track pants or tights can be worn but take care when on bars)

Parent or Caregiver: comfortable clothing for activity, socks, or indoor gym shoes or bare feet; long hair tied up, no jewelry, no gum, no food

  • Parents and Caregivers must sign the Companion Waiver for liability protection on their first visit each year.
  • Be on Time quietly waiting with your child in lounge.
  • Make sure children visit the washroom before class.
  • Park in the designated lots not the front 5 minute loop.
  • Hang up outdoors coats and leave outdoor footwear at the entrance. Bring the rest into gym when admitted.
  • No admittance to the gym or use of the equipment without proper coach supervision.
  • Parents may not have other accompanying children.
  • Additional guests should view from the downstairs lounge


  • The 3 F’s of Active Start Gymnastics are:-Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals. Please encourage these during your exploration.
  • Children should be encouraged to explore and extend their own limits not be manipulated through activity by their parent.
  • Safe Age-Appropriate Activity is to be encouraged.
  • Parents must supervise by being within arms’ length at all times.
  • Encourage exploration, playing together and sharing equipment such as these DO’s and DON’TS


  1. One-at-a-time/Taking Turns
  2. Keeping Busy/avoid line-ups
  3. Playing in Own Space


  1. Go Over on Equipment while someone is under
  2. Pushing/Shoving/Hitting
  3. Run into others in the gym
  • Controlled behaviors are required for safety and enjoyment. Uncontrolled racing around and yelling must be limited.
  • Some areas are out-of-bounds for Exploration Gym:
  1. Uneven Bar area
  2. Double Mini
  3. 2nd tramp if another program going on
  • Apparatus of higher risk requires direct supervision from the coach and is not available until a coach invites you there and remains to supervise directly.
  1. Tramp-see gym poster and AS rules below
  2. Mini Tramp-one at time and must be spotted
  3. Tumble Track-one at time
  4. Pit-see gym poster - one at a time-feet first jumps only-follow directions of coach
  • Parents should check equipment for hazards as things move during use.
  • Encourage your child to participate in the Fundamental Movements Skills of Landing, Locomotion, Spring, Swing, Rotation, Stationary Balance, and Object Manipulation
  • Follow Coaches directions on Safety First and Gym procedures
  • Read and follow the additional information on Safety First in the online Active Start Guide whistlergymnastics.com or read the lobby copy.

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 Last Day Spring Sessions:  June 10-15

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