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August 18, 2018


Volunteering @ WGC...



As with the majority of gymnastics clubs in this province and across Canada, Whistler Gymnastics is a non-profit society dependent on the volunteer efforts of its members to function effectively. Recently, the majority of the work has fallen to a very few. In order to continue as an effective and vibrant club this must change. To that end a volunteer program has been initiated. 


All volunteer hours contribute to reducing our operation costs in general, thereby allowing us to keep our fees affordable. We welcome all individuals that would like to help and volunteer.  Competitive families are required to volunteer, as has been the case for many years with Whistler Gymnastics. For a more effective and equitable system we are redefining the terms of commitment for the competitive and pre-competitive families. 


We have put a list of jobs needing to be done for the up coming season. Please track your volunteer hours on sheets provided at the gym office. If you have a professional or trades skill, rates can be negotiated on an individual basis for you to work off your hours. 


Volunteer opportunities necessary to operate the club will be communicated and posted prior to the various events and may include the following: 



Administrative Assistance 

Equipment Maintenance 

Registration Support 

Marketing and Communications 


Board of Directors 

Cleaning of gym floor and equipment 

Front desk duty 

Legal support 



Class Captains 


In addition to the volunteer program, fundraising is an integral part of Whistler Gymnastics to keep fees as low as possible. The club will continue to pursue every avenue of fundraising open to them. Whistler Gymnastics Club is also actively seeking private and corporate support in the form of sponsorship and donations. Any expertise in its parent body to assist in new and better ways to secure financial support is welcomed!


 Online is the fastest way to guarantee a spot!

Office Hours: 
Mon., Tues. & Thurs.; 10-1pm 

(Email us to save you the trip!)


PRIORITY Updates & Program Important Dates: 

July 1 -  Whistler Fall Registration starts

Aug 1 - Pemberton Fall Registration

Sept. 5 TG & AG Comp starts for 18/19 season

To receive updates on class changes, follow us on our Facebook page for fast notice.





Located in the Athlete's Centre:
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