Whistler Gymnastics
July 17, 2019


What to Expect at your class...


Upon Arrival:

  • When you arrive, please have athletes leave their shoes tidy on the shoe racks at the front doors.
  • Athletes should wait quietly in the lobby and a coach will come out to collect the class and bring them into the gym together.
  • Before class please use the washroom in the lobby. Washrooms inside the gym are for athletes only.
  • Remind kids that there are business offices upstairs and we need to keep the noise level down!
  • Athletes will bring all their belongings into the gym with them and hang them up on a hook or place in the change rooms. Wet clothes need to be hung up on coat racks in the lobby. Make sure to label everything.

We encourage every athlete to bring a small water bottle with their name on it to each class.
Please note: NEW for this year… there is now NO water fountain in the lobby, but there is a Sodastream water bottle fill machine, so kids must have a bottle, or a cup to get a drink that is not from the tap in the bathroom. The club also has water bottles to buy for $5 at the start of the season.


Please park in the lot beside the Whistler Athletes’ Centre. If full, the over flow lot is at the end of the street and there is a pathway to the back of the gym.

Dropping off and pick up:
Whistler Gymnastics policy states that athletes 8 and up can be dropped off in front of the building.

All athletes under 8 need to be accompanied into the facility and supervised until class time. We are not responsible for your athlete until they are in the gym. If you are late picking up your athlete, please come into the facility, your child will be waiting inside the gym. PLEASE DO NOT ASK YOUR CHILD TO WAIT OUTSIDE FOR YOU.

Parent Viewing Area:
The parent viewing area is in the lobby only. Viewing from upstairs at the Whistler Athletes’ Centre is not permitted.

What to Wear:

Athletes should be in comfortable gym clothes and bare feet. Girls - body suit & hair tied up. Boys -T-shirt and sport shorts (no buttons or zippers). Trampoline athletes including gymnastics athletes who come twice a week need to bring socks to each practice. Please remove jewellery before gym. Participation will not be allowed if appropriate gym attire is not worn. Please do not bring valuables to gym. Label everything. Lost and found is in the boys change room.

Gym Conduct:
All athletes are expected to RESPECT each other, RESPECT their coaches, RESPECT the gym equipment and RESPECT the facility. Please be on time! Each class starts with a warm up which is essential for avoiding injury.

Gym Cleanliness:

Change rooms need to be kept clean, and this is the responsibility of the athletes who use them. Scheduled floor steam cleaning will be the responsibility of the club. Scheduled gym cleaning will be arranged by the club at which time parents will be asked to help us wipe down the mats, vacuum, clean mirrors. To work off volunteer hours please tell management team when you are able to help tidy gym.

Care of Valuables / Lost and Found:

Whistler Gymnastics is not responsible for lost or stolen items. As our gym is open and a public facility, it is unfortunately accessible to the issue of theft. We highly recommend that no valuables be left unattended anywhere in the gym or facility, including our change rooms. Anything of monetary or personal worth should be left at home.

There is a Rubbermaid container in hallway of the Athletes Centre. Any item left in the gym or change rooms are placed in the bin. Please label everything, backpacks, lunch kits, water bottles, shoes, jacket, gloves, and hats. We will keep lost and found items until the end of each recreational session, then we take everything to the Re-Use It Centre unless there is a name in the article lost.

Safety First!:
Please read our gym safety rules when you sign the waivers. Gym posters on safety first, trampoline, and pit use are posted in the gym. We take risk management and harassment seriously. See the GFA program expectations handbook for more info.

When guidance and redirection fail to work, the only form of discipline we use is non-participation, varying from bench time to a direct call home, depending on the situation.

Athlete Responsibility and Club Expectation:

All athletes are expected to RESPECT each other, RESPECT their coaches, RESPECT the gym equipment and RESPECT the Whistler Athletes' Centre (WAC). Athletes should be ready to start 5 minutes prior to the class start time and should only enter the gymnastics area when invited by a coach. It is very disruptive when participants arrive late for class. Athletes should get ready for their parents and leave in a timely manner at the end of their class to ensure they don’t delay the next participant’s class. Athletes should be ready to participate in all activities willingly that are planned for them. Athletes should keep their hands to themselves unless asked to work with a partner by their coach. Athletes should only go on equipment when they have asked their coaches and have been given permission. Athletes in 6+ recreational programs should not play, hang or swing on any Active Start (pre-school) equipment. Most important: athletes should have fun in a safe environment. 

Parental Responsibility and Club Expectation: 

Parents need to ensure on time arrival and departure. Parents need to ensure that their athlete has appropriate gym attire (hair tied back and no jewelry). If children are to bring a snack please ensure it is healthy and nut-free.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s program please direct to their head coach of the program.

Volunteers are always welcome to help at Whistler Gymnastics with fundraisers, cleaning, events; BOD, committees and administrative tasks. Please enquire at the front desk or just send us an email info@whistlergymnastics.com

Whistler Gymnastics’ website is www.whistlergymnastics.com , or you can like us on facebook and add our page https://www.facebook.com/Oros-Whistler-Gymnastics-Centre-172331262906473/ to see what’s going in the gym, and get notifications on class information, and cancellations first hand.

Whistler Gymnastics communicates via email, and will post all newsletters and memos on the bulletin board outside gym. We try to limit the paper handouts. It is very important that we have your correct email address.

Please contact us directly with concerns or questions at: Phone: 902-FLIP (3547)
Email: info@whistlergymnastics.com

Pay before you Play! All accounts must be settled to enable participation. We accept cash, cheque, Visa or Master card. Sorry but we do not accept debit cards and are unable to take phone registrations as per insurance conditions.

If financial assistance is needed contact Kidsport Whistler: jackie@mywcss.org or visit Whistler Community Services Society offices in Spring Creek.

5% Volunteer Levy:
You can earn this back at the rate of $15.00 per hour of volunteer work by tracking and submitting your volunteer hours each session by Feb.1 or June 30. The credit will be applied to your account for a refund or for future use. A list of available volunteer tasks and the self tracking submission forms are available on our website under the Whistler Gymnastics Volunteer drop-down menu.

Club Meetings:
Whistler Gymnastics is a non-profit community club. Members are encouraged to attend club meetings, which will be posted at the gym and on the website in advance. An executive BOD directs the volunteer support for the club. They need your assistance with communications, club projects, administrative support, equipment movement, fundraising and event facilitation. Let your talents be known!

There will be NO gymnastics classes on stat days and during the school breaks.

Looking forward to seeing you at the GYM!


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